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Free Domestic Solar

Solar PV Panels

Homeowners across the UK can qualify to receive a FREE Solar PV system and battery storage worth up to £7,000. There is no catch. As long as you own the property and the roof is suitable for free solar, the system will be installed and maintained for 20 years without you having to pay anything at all.

Buying the electricity generated by the panels at a discounted rate compared to buying from the grid means you can make substantial savings on your electricity bills. Households can typically save up to 30% on bills.


How does it work?

An EnergyLink approved Installer will supply and fit the panels to your roof completely free of charge. You will also receive a battery storage and home energy management system, all of which is maintained at no cost for 20 years. They will then claim a Feed-in Tariff from an Energy Supplier which covers the cost of the work and the maintenance. You then benefit from cheaper electricity for the first 20 years and then free electricity for up to another 20 years after that.


Is there anything to pay?

There are no survey fees and the system itself is also 100% FREE of charge. It will also be maintained for a period of 20 years, again without any charges. The costs are claimed back by our approved Installer through the Government-backed Feed-in Tariff and the cheaper electricity you buy from them.


How much can I save on bills?

As soon as the panels are fitted, you should start running appliances such as your washing machine, dishwasher, tumble drier, hoover, etc. during daylight hours when the panels are generating electricity. You can also use some or all of the electricity stored in the battery system at night. Using the electricity wisely can result in savings of up to 30% on your bills.


Is my home suitable?

You must own the property where the panels are being installed. The roof should be pitched and face South, South East or South West and have at least 18 square metres of available space. There should also be little or no shading by trees or other buildings because this will reduce the amount of electricity generated.


How can EnergyLink help?

Once you have completed our short form, and located your roof we will check that your roof is suitable for the scheme. We will then arrange for an approved local Installer to double-check the roof and arrange a free, no-obligation survey. Once the survey is complete, the Installer will contact you arrange for the work to be carried out, should you want to go ahead.