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Follow the instructions below to locate your property. This will help to speed up your enquiry.

1) Find Your Roof
Left-click and drag the map to find your property, or use 2 fingers to drag the map on mobile.

2) Select Your Roof
Right-click on your roof to place the marker, or tap & hold on mobile. If the marker is not exactly on your roof, right-click or tap & hold again to change your selection.

3) Submit Your Selection
When you have located and selected your roof, enter any relevant additional notes in the box provided and click the orange Submit button.

  Please enter a valid reference number. You are emailed this or quoted this when completing our form.

  Please enter a valid UK postcode.

Find your roof then RIGHT CLICK it with your mouse. Find your roof then TAP & HOLD. Scroll below the map to SUBMIT.

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