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EnergyLink FAQs



How long have EnergyLink been trading?

The company was incorporated in July 2007.

Where are your offices?

We are based in Newcastle upon Tyne but our approved Installers operate across England, Scotland and Wales.

Is it really free?

Yes. The survey, installation and 20-year maintenance is 100% FREE. Our approved installer will recover the cost of the system by claiming a Feed-in Tariff from an electricity supplier and supplying electricity at a discounted rate.

Can I pay for Solar Panels and claim the Feed-in Tariff?

Yes. If you have the funds available or you can raise them, it is best to pay for a system and claim the Feed-in Tariff. By paying for the installation of Solar PV Panels, you will receive a return on your investment of around 10%.

How do you choose your Installers?

Our Installers are registered with MCS and RECC and are able to provide Free Solar. We also make sure they have sufficient Insurances and operate to high standards of Quality, Health & Safety and Customer Service.

Will I own the system?

The Installer owns the system for the first 20 years. Ownership will then be passed to you.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, the panels and the inverter are covered for 20 years. The Installer will remedy any issues during this period without any cost to you.

How long does it take to get Free Solar?

It can take up to two weeks for the initial survey to be carried out. A further technical survey may be required which could take an additional two weeks. The panels should then be installed within four weeks. The whole process should therefore take no longer than 8 weeks from start to finish.

What if I rent from a landlord?

We cannot help if you rent from a Council or Housing Association. If you rent from a private landlord, you will need to ask the landlord to apply. We need to communicate with them directly and all paperwork will be in their name. Leaseholders can apply, as long as they have permission from the freeholder.

How do I know if the property is suitable?

The roof must have at least 18 square metres of useable space. There must be little or no shading from nearby buildings/trees and the roof should also face somewhere between South East and South West via South. If you are unsure, please continue to apply. If you select your property on the page after you fill in the form, we will check your property for suitability using Google Maps.