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The benefit of paying for a Solar PV system

30 July, 2015 EnergyLink inGeneral Comments (0)

If you can finance the up-front cost of a Solar PV system, you will benefit from the free electricity produced by the panels in addition to receiving a 20 year Feed-in Tariff paid by an Energy Supplier. These savings and payments mean that you can recover the cost of the system within 8 to 10 years and make a profit for up to another 30 years after that.

The free electricity generated by the panels saves you having to buy it from the National grid. With the average electricity price being around 14p per unit, you can make substantial savings on your bills so the more of this free electricity you can use the better...

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How to tell if your roof is suitable for Free Solar

15 July, 2015 EnergyLink inGeneral Comments (0)

In order to qualify for the scheme, your roof must face in the correct direction, be large enough to accommodate the panels and not be shaded. The best way to check all three is to enter your postcode into Google Maps, locate your roof then follow the guidelines below.

The roof must face South, South East, South West or East & West. North-facing directions will not be suitable as the system will not receive enough sunlight to make the installation viable, especially during the Winter months when the sun is lower in the sky...

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